About Bob

Bob is a multi instrumentalist who performs primarily on guitar, bass and vocals. Although he has played with many artists, the bulk of his touring and recording was done with guitar icon Ritchie Blackmore, and cult band 'Mink DeVille.' Whether it's a rock concert at a soccer stadium or a solo acoustic guitar gig at a local wine bar, Bob's musical diversity has brought him a rich history of performance. From Inaugural Balls in Washington, D.C. to Exotic Erotic Balls in San Francisco, Jazz Festivals in Marseille to Rhythm & Blues at B.B. Kings in NYC, rock shows at The Paradiso in Amsterdam to the filming of a live show at The Olympia in Paris. The list goes on and on.

Bob also writes and produces music. His works have found a variety of applications, ranging from instrumental music of different genres for television, radio, and film, to pop music with songs for boy bands like 'The Backstreet Boys' and 'Natural.'

Bob now lives in Ridgefield, CT, where he is writing, producing, and freelancing as a guitarist and bass player.

Recent News

Bob is currently performing with Ritchie Blackmore's 'Rainbow'using the stage name "Bob Nouveau".